New Training Videos: 3D Kriging and Advanced Gridding

We have just posted two new series of public training videos for Earth Volumetric Studio.

The first series is on 3D Kriging in three parts:

  • Part One focuses on krig_3d, some of its basic properties and discusses the limitations of its flat-topped rectilinear gridding in anticipation of Part Two.
  • Part Two demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate krig_3d_geology when doing 3D kriging so that your grid is conformal to site topography and/or includes site stratigraphy.
  • Part Three introduces draw_lines and triangulate_polygons to create a user-defined area, which we then use area_cut and intersection to subset the model to show the region inside or outside of that area. Finally, we explore volumetrics and its important settings to ensure that volume and mass analysis is performed correctly.

The second series is on Advanced Gridding:

  • Part One introduces krig_3d_geology’s Finite Difference Gridding option which provides a very flexible means to create a rotated rectangular 2D grid with complex cell size distributions. This video covers it basic functionality and is recommended for all users.
  • Part Two continues Part One to add area_cut, polyline_spline and triangulate_polygons in order to create a grid that is confined to a region which closely conforms to the concave hull of a riverine dataset. It is recommended for advanced users and those needing more control over the areal extents of their models.

Both video series are available on the public Training Videos page.