ARCADIS has used MVS, and now Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS) on hundreds of sites in the United States, Europe, Canada, and South America for clients in the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, chemical, defense, electronics, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas market sectors. We use EVS to provide state-of-the-art capabilities for analyzing and illustrating data for site assessments, remediation planning and monitoring, computer model input and output, litigation support, regulatory reporting, and public relations presentations. We integrate multiple sources of environmental and infrastructure information (e.g. database queries, GIS information, geologic information, water levels, analytical data, AutoCAD drawings, aerial photographs, computer model output, subsurface tools [e.g.CPT, MIP, TarGOST], geophysical surveys), then present the desired concepts with superb clarity. EVS is a cornerstone of our high-resolution site characterization approach, which we utilize to identify contaminant transport pathways and focus our remediation efforts for optimal success and efficiency. Our multidisciplinary project teams use EVS to collaborate on conceptual site models, which accelerates understanding of critical processes. We use EVS’ outstanding volumetrics and multivariable analysis capabilities to perform risk-based remedial alternative comparisons, which allow our technical teams to negotiate technical solutions acceptable to regulators with significant cost reductions. Our clients expect ARCADIS to provide industry-leading technical solutions at an excellent value for their most challenging problems, and EVS helps us meet and exceed these expectations.

Groundwater Flow Around Bedrock Ridges

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Soil

Cone Penetrometer Lithologic Fences

Geologic Indicator Kriging (GIK) Example

USTs With Soil Plume Remediation Levels

Offshore Oil Rig

The vast array of tools in MVS and now Earth Volumetric Studio have allowed our users to respond to client and internal team requests ranging from the simple to incredibly complex. I can’t recall a request that we could not solve with MVS – its capabilities and flexibility provides amazing power, limited only by the experience and imagination of the user. C Tech support has been incredibly helpful and responsive in helping our users to expand their skills and satisfy project requirements.

Eric Rogoff, Associate Vice President