Environmental Site Remediation

Earth Sciences: Environmental Site Remediation

C Tech’s Earth Volumetric Studio performs a critical role in any well executed Environmental Site Remediation project.   A rigorous environmental site remediation requires thorough analysis and understanding of the data that can only be achieved through 3D geostatistics and corresponding 3D visualization. Geostatistical analysis determines the trends in the data and makes it possible to estimate the sparse measured values onto a regular three-dimensional grid that can also incorporate the site geology.

Once the site geology has been modeled and the site data has been estimated using geostatistics, a volumetric model is obtained that provides the engineer or scientist insights into the contaminant transport processes and interactions between the contaminants and the site geology.  Armed with these tools it is possible to perform volumetric analysis and plan cleanup of the site.

Earth Volumetric Studio also includes tools such as the overburden module that will automatically determine the pit required to excavate contaminants that cannot be treated using in situ methods.