Important Pricing Update for C Tech Software

I am writing to notify all customers of new pricing for most of our products. It has been three years since our last price increase and during that time we have accelerated development efforts in all areas. Where Covid-19 (and its variants) have taken a toll on many businesses, we have found that our customers are doing considerably more modeling on a per-user basis, and with that work, we have seen dramatic increases in technical support workload.

Most of our users are well aware of the advances to our 3D Scene Viewer technology and we work diligently to further that technology as quickly as possible with animation support being our number one priority. Few are aware of parallel efforts (coming very soon) to dramatically improve 3D PDF creation with advances in file creation speed as well as a more useable model tree (table of contents).

Development efforts to enhance our Lithologic Modeling are another primary focus at C Tech and the upcoming release will include the lithologic assessment module which I previewed at the end of the February 10th online class on MODFLOW Initialization. This will soon be followed by lithologic DrillGuide technology for which the algorithms have been developed and proven.

Our pricing is already updated at Price List | C Tech Development Corporation

These changes include:

  • A 12% increase in Enterprise License Subscription rates. 
    • No changes to Enterprise (size) Levels.
    • No changes to Add-on product percentages.
  • An increase in the annual maintenance rate for all purchased licenses of EVS (both fixed and floating) from 22% to 25% of the product pricing.
  • A change to PDF Converter individual CPU locked license subscriptions to $1,000 per year, including renewals.

PLEASE NOTE: The revised pricing will apply to all invoices generated on or after February 10, 2022, as well as any past-due invoices not paid in full by March 15, 2022.

I appreciate your understanding that these price increases will allow us to continue accelerated development in key areas as well as meeting the ever-increasing support demands. Please address any questions to
Thank you,
Reed D Copsey