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Our university discount program is intended to make our software affordable to organizations whose primary function is the education and graduation of students. This program specifically excludes:

  • Governmental agencies that are managed or operated by universities, but whose primary function is other than education. An example of such an unqualified organization would be U.S. Dept. of Energy laboratories (such as LANL) that are run by universities such as UCLA.
  • Government or commercially funded research organizations.
  • Non-profit educational organizations whose primary function is not the education and graduation of students.

Before a University Discount order will be accepted, C Tech requires the following:

  • A signed copy of our University Certification be emailed or faxed (+1.941.210.6339)
  • We must receive a confirming email from the individual signing the certification. This email must come from an official university email account, such as

Orders from universities will require a signed copy of our University Certification.

Free Instructional Version of Earth Volumetric Studio

In keeping with C Tech’s long term vision for 3D visualization in the Earth Sciences, C Tech is offering an instructional version of Earth Volumetric Studio to academic institutions at “no cost.” This is a fully functional version of Earth Volumetric Studio which allows use of a limited number of specific data input files provided by the professor/instructor. These input files are password protected by C Tech. Students and teachers may run Earth Volumetric Studio on an unlimited number of computers and utilize all functionality of the software with the data files that C Tech includes in our install. This version is suitable for course work applications, but not for research where you must be able to utilize your own data files as input.

Discount for licensed version of Earth Volumetric Studio.

Significant discounts are offered to universities wishing to license the entire university to use Earth Volumetric Studio for research or related project purposes.

C Tech Premier University Program

Earth Volumetric Studio Site License Unlimited number of simultaneous Earth Volumetric Studio users within a single university. Includes 1 server/key.
Training Program 40% discount on all training classes, user conference attendance, and on-line / teleconference training programs.
Standard Maintenance Includes unlimited software updates and unlimited technical support through C Tech’s web Support Forums and the Submit Support Request form for issues which must be kept private. This level of support is limited to “how-to” questions and specifically excludes receiving assistance with customer data files. C Tech’s response to a new support issue may be through e-mail or telephone.
Additional servers/keys $200* each per year.
First Year Subscription $5,000* –  Please call +1-941-315-5740 or email for a quotation.
Annual Renewal $2,500* per year

* Pricing for U.S. Customers only. Comparable discounts available for foreign universities, please contact us for assistance.