C Tech offers several training paths for our Earth Science Software, including:

Premium Training Classes:

Our Premium Introductory and Advanced training via recorded video classes are taught like a college courses and go well beyond “how-to” into the “why” for all aspects of Earth Science modeling.

EVS Module Series:

C Tech offers a continually evolving series of short (roughly 30 minutes) training videos that each focus on a single EVS module to provide advanced insights into how to optimize its functionality.

Free Tutorial Videos:

We offer many free training videos that quickly address the “how-to” for many subjects.  Subscribe to C Tech’s YouTube Channel for notifications when new videos are added.

Workbooks and Reference Help:

View all of the online documentation and several built-in tutorials for: C Tech Client and Server Software Installation, EVS,  EnterVol,  and our 3D PDF Converter.

C Tech’s Technical Support:

Contact us for any how-to questions to keep you productive as you progress beyond the workbooks and tackle your complex site modeling.

Project consulting services:

Project consulting services can include Web Meetings to review results. Contact C Tech for a quotation.