3D Models in PDF Files

3D PDF files can be opened on Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat), software found on 90% of computers worldwide.  By publishing to PDF, your 3D models can be integrated into reports with other text and graphical content.  PDFs can be distributed to your customers by email or internet, generally without the need for the end user to install any other software.  The most important aspect of 3D PDFs is that they can be integrated into reports with other text and graphical content and delivered in a familiar format to clients, regulators and the public, generally without the need to install any software.  As a fail-safe, a “poster” image can be applied as a placeholder for the 3D model, and this image will be shown in all cases when incompatible software is used (such as a browser or non-Adobe viewer) to open the PDF.

The C Tech’s 3D PDF Converter converts VRML files created in Earth Volumetric Studio or ArcScene (with or without EnterVol).  It can also convert sets of VRML files into animated sequences or 3D models arranged in a grid.  C Tech 3D PDF Converter is offered as a CPU locked license or as an Add-On Unlimited license for our Enterprise License Customers.

Contact sales@ctech.com to order this product which can be downloaded from our download page.  Complete instructions for operation and installation are at pdfconverterhelp.ctech.com.   Pricing and license terms are available on our Price List page.

3D PDF Files will play in the free Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) which is installed on 90% of the world’s computers.   Unfortunately 3D PDFs will not play in a browser, for that, C Tech offers Web-Based 3D Models.  Because 3D PDFs cannot play in a browser and because browsers tend to automatically open PDF files, the example 3D PDF files below are all provided as Zip archives so they can be downloaded to your computer and opened locally in Adobe software where the 3D functionality can be realized.

Nested Plumes of MIP Data: 0.9 MB

Fuel Storage Site Union of Benzene-Xylene-Toluene: 9.4 MB
Seepage_Velocity_Stream-Tubes: 2.9 MB
6 Fault Blocks: 4.2 MB

Sacramento Railyard Painting Facility: 1.0 MB

Lithologic Model with Tunnel: 4.0 MB