Products: Purchasing

C Tech’s Earth Science Software may be ordered directly using the procedures below.


Purchases can be shipped with net 10 day terms except for leases and rentals which both require advance payment via ACH or wire transfer. Please note that payment by credit cards requires a 5% surcharge fee.

Shipping and handling is $40 for FedEx domestic overnight.


International orders require payment in advance. The preferred payment method is bank transfer.
For international shipments, we exclusively use FedEx at a cost of $100 for Shipping and Handling.

FedEx shipping time is 2-5 business days depending on location. If you email or fax us the wire transfer documents, we will ship your software immediately.


To place an order, forward your purchase order by fax or email, which must be accompanied by a signed copy of the C Tech Software License, downloadable here.

Additional Information:
  • For security reasons, we always ship your software with a limited life hardware key, which will be made permanent (via email) when we receive confirmation that you have received the shipment and we have received full payment.
  • If you have any questions about payment methods or the license, please call  +1-941.315.5740 or fax +1-941.210.6339.
  • Please e-mail ar@ctech.com for wire transfer instructions.