Studio Project Gallery

Below are links to many C Tech Web Scenes, which demonstrate functionality of Earth Volumetric Studio.

Coastal Facility with Groundwater Contamination

Enhanced Biodegradation of TOTHC

6 Fault Blocks

Bayou Choctaw Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Hanford Site Area C Moisture Levels

Sacramento Railyard Stratigraphy and Plume

Sacramento Railyard 3D and Straightened Fences

NETL Aerial Conductivity Survey

Plant Available Water using Depth Correlated Kriging

Comparison of Stratigraphic and FGR models

Streamtubes Created Using 3D Head Data

Tear Fault in Weathered Rock

Nested Xylene Plumes

Volcanic Lithology with Dyke

EVS Finite Element vs. Voxel Modeling

Reactive Metals Inc. Uranium Contamination

Smooth Lithologic Model with Complex Tunnel

3D Stratigraphic Model from Hand Drawn Sections


Each major release of Earth Volumetric Studio includes a corresponding release of Earth Volumetric Studio Sample Projects.  Each project folder includes a number of applications which strive to introduce all major modules in Studio with real-world examples provided by our customers over our 27 year history.  The video below shows the outputs from 180+ applications in the August 2016 Earth Volumetric Studio Projects.  In under 10 minutes you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the breadth of projects which Studio can tackle.

The video includes still images from every application in each project, as well as a few short teaser animations.  The Project Folders were:

  • Anisotropic Variography Study
  • Ashtabula Uranium Processing Plant
  • Camp Pendleton Marine Base
  • Coastal Facility with TOTHC Contamination
  • Dense and Oversampled Data
  • DrillGuide(TM) and 2D Kriging
  • Excavation and Tunnelling
  • Exporting Data to C Tech File Formats
  • Fault Modeling
  • Geophysics and Mining
  • Head Data and Seepage Velocity
  • Lake and Ocean Sciences
  • Lithologic Geologic Modeling
  • Modeling LNAPL as a Stratrigraphic Layer
  • MODFLOW and MT3D Visualization
  • Railyard Facility Complex Python Scripting
  • Reference
  • Salt Caverns for Oil and Gas Storage
  • Stratigraphic Geologic Modeling
  • TCE Time Domain Kriging
  • Time Varying Water Table Animation
  • Total HC at a Painting Facility
  • Unions-Intersections and Multiple Analytes
  • Xylene in Non-Vertical Borings