St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates

User Showcase: St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates

St John-Mittelhauser and Associates has been using C-Tech’s EVS on a variety of environmental consulting projects since 2009.  EVS has helped create numerous soil and groundwater contamination models and associated images and animations for environmental reports.  This has aided in:

  • Constructing conceptual site models for both regulators and clients,
  • Modeling groundwater contaminant plumes and demonstrating their stability over time,
  • Modeling soil contamination and calculating in-situ volumes for treatment or excavation,
  • Reducing costs of excavations and remediation systems,
  • Demonstrating changing groundwater tables in response to aquifer pumping and changing river stages,
  • Creating easy to understand animations for litigation purposes.

3-D model of Flame Ionization Detector (FID) results from a UST gasoline spill.
The continuously collected FID results are shown as colored tubes and were used to create a 3-D extent of soil and groundwater contamination. Modeling the FID results helped to visualize the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination, thereby increasing the effectiveness and reducing the costs of the air sparge system used to complete the remediation.



3-D model and cross section of lead contamination in soil.
3-D modeling of several dozen soil samples helped to define the horizontal and vertical extent of soil contamination in the subsurface. The 3-D model was instrumental in calculating the volume of contaminated soil and greatly reduced the costs of the resulting excavation.



Cross section of Rapid Optical Screening Tool (ROST) and Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) data from a 3-D model.
Modeling ROST (petroleum contamination) data, and CPT (soil type) data, were essential for constructing a conceptual site model for a very large and geologically complex site. EVS created a very understandable 3-D geologic and chemical model from over 300 borings and 50,000 data points. This model was also very useful for litigation purposes, as it showed unbiased continuously collected chemical and geologic data.


Animation showing Electric Resistance Heating (ERH) technology in action.