3D Scene Viewer

C Tech’s Earth Volumetric Studio can directly publish 3D models to our 3D Scene (web) viewer, where they can be viewed on any device, browser, or operating system.  You can interact with these models on virtually any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

C Tech’s proprietary file format (.CTWS) includes 3D model information combined with scene data such as:

  • Background colors
  • Visibility and Opacity of all objects, including
    • Cell sets (materials or layers) of objects
  • Data to allow probing of objects representing geologic and/or analytical data to obtain both data and real-world coordinates
  • Bookmarked Views 
  • Bookmarked States representing the opacity and/or opacity of all individual objects
  • Vertical Scale and more. 

Hosted Web Viewer 

Our free viewer is available at C Tech 3D Scene Viewer, but we also offer licensed hosted (private) viewers to Enterprise0 Customers who wish to control access to their files and embed models within their websites and customer dashboards.  Below is an embedded C Tech Web Scene hosted on C Tech’s website.  Any model created in EVS can be similarly hosted on your company’s site with a hosted web viewer license.  Please contact sales@ctech.com for a quote.

Coastal Facility with groundwater contamination