Web-Based 3D Models

C Tech’s Earth Volumetric Studio can be used to publish 3D models to the web where they can be viewed on any device, browser, or operating system. ¬†Interact with these models on your smartphone or tablet.

C Tech has developed a proprietary file format to include 3D model information combined with scene data such as background colors, Z exaggeration and more.  Our free viewer is available at C Tech 3D Scene Viewer and we offer licensed viewers to Enterprise Customers who wish to control access to their files and embed models within their websites and customer dashboards.

You’ll also find an ever increasing collection of models available below, but currently the only one published on our site is on our main page.

Union of Benzene, Xylene & Toluene Plumes

Continuous display of dense data

MIP Conductivity Model

Seepage Velocity Streamtubes

MT3D Model Of Channelized Contaminant Flow

Total Hydrocarbons at a Painting Facility

Indicator Geology Lithologic Modeling

Volcanic Lithology in EnterVol for ArcGIS

Cut Fill Excavation Project in Poland

NETL Conductivity Survey