Full Color 3D Printed Models

Services: Full Color 3D Printed Models

C Tech’s Earth Volumetric Studio software includes the ability to create specially formatted VRML files which allow for the creation of full-color 3D physical models using the most advanced 3D printers.

C Tech offers 3D model printing as a service to our clients.  We assist with modification of the models to ensure the models print correctly the first time and perform the actual printing.   We wish that 3D printing was simple and low cost because nothing has the impact of holding a full color 3D model in your hands.  However, there are many changes that must be made to a model to make it ready for printing, and the actual cost of full-color 3D printing tends to run ~$30 per cubic inch ($1.83 USD per cu. cm.).

The ability to create physical models opens up many possibilities for marketing, property restoration, public hearings, and litigation support. For companies that don’t yet have C Tech’s Earth Science software, we can provide a service to create your models for 3D printing and have them printed.

We know that fewer than 5% of our customers have ever created full-color 3D printed models of their EVS modeling projects.  We appreciate that all projects have tight cost constraints, but we also know that few Program Managers have ever had the opportunity to hold a 3D printed model in their hands, let alone hand one to their clients.

We truly believe that the ability to put a model in your client’s hands makes an impression like nothing else.  We try to have printed models at our training classes and many of our users have seen these, but when they return to their offices how do they translate that experience to their management?

We’ve decided we need to offer “sample” models to our customers that they can use for marketing both inside and outside of their organizations.  We can’t afford to provide these for free to hundreds of customers when they cost several hundred dollars each.  We’re sure everyone would want one for free but we’re hoping that those with serious interest will be willing to pay a portion of the real cost.

So we’re offering a 6 inch model like the ones below for a cost of only $450 for our Enterprise License Program customers and $550 for all other customers with current maintenance.  This offer is limited to only one model per office location.    Please appreciate that we are making these available below our cost to help promote 3D printing.  Additional models and models for non-customers are $750 each.

Models will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail.  An additional $75 shipping charge will apply for shipments to most locations outside of the United States.

Note: These models are printed hollow to reduce cost.  This requires a few 6 mm diameter vent holes on the bottom of the layers.  These holes could have been plugged, but were left open for these low cost samples.   The extra engineering work to make these models more affordable is only practical since we are making these models in substantial quantities.


This model consists of two separable layers incorporating geology, TCE contamination, 3D buildings and an aerial photo. Note that the layers  fit together perfectly.


With the Ocean and Sand layers removed, the TCE plume is revealed

With the upper layers removed, the granite layer and TCE plume is revealed. A buffer region around the plume was removed to ensure the model could be separated.