EVS Presentations

EVS Presentations

C Tech’s EVS Presentations (EVSP) provide a single file deliverable which allows our Floating and Enterprise License customers to provide versions of their Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS) applications to their clients, who can then modify properties interactively.

EVS Presentations do not require a license (they are free to use).

For example, an EVS Presentation can allow your clients to:

  • Choose their own plume levels
  • Change Z-Scale and/or Explode distance
  • Move slices or cuts through the model
  • Draw their own paths for (thin_fence) cross-sections
  • And much, much more!

We cannot anticipate the content of these application nor which parameters an EVS user may include in their EVS Presentations. However, there are many fundamental features in EVS Presentations that will be common to all applications.

The ~15 minute video below provides an overview of How to Use EVS Presentations.