Earth Volumetric Studio 2022.4

We are happy to announce the release of Earth Volumetric Studio 2022.4, available now for immediate download.

This major release includes a large number of new features as well as fixing customer reported issues. Some highlights of improvements include:

  • New lithologic assessment module
  • Improved theme support, including much better dark mode visuals throughout the software
  • Support for Application Colors – which allow you to “theme” your viewer and have titles, legend, axes, and other modules automatically adjust their colors to stay visible

A major new feature in EVS 2022.4 is a new module, lithologic assessment, which provides a mechanism to perform quantitative assessment of the modeling accuracy of lithologic models for each material.  

There is a CTWS demonstrating our Lithologic Assessment Technology available for download at

This model demonstrates C Tech’s ability to assess potential material-by-material volumetric variations in our Smooth Lithologic Models, providing a comprehensive method to determine the adequacy and/or shortcomings of your geologic data.  

In this example, we’ve created a concave hull grid to minimize modeling outside of the data’s x-y extents.  For each material, we’ve provided the Minimum, Nominal and Maximum states for a 95% Confidence and that material’s corresponding volume in m³.

You may download this file at for viewing at C Tech 3D Scene Viewer.

In addition, the sample Studio Projects have been updated for 2022.4, as well as updated help.

All users are encouraged to download and install EVS 2022.4 now.
Thank you,
Reed Copsey, Jr.