EVS Training Videos

New training videos have been developed for the latest versions of EVS and more will be produced on a regular basis.  These videos are in two groups, Free and Premium.  
We are employing new technology in these videos which includes an interactive Table of Contents for each one which will allow you to jump to any topic within the class.  
Below are titles of each class, and a 100+ page PDF Syllabus including all of the PowerPoint slides used within each video is available to everyone here: 2023 EVS Training Videos
This Syllabus will allow you to quickly search for concepts of interest or those needing review, and then you can find that topic using the table of contents within the relevant video(s).
FREE TRAINING VIDEOS: Available to everyone at no cost.
  1. EVS Application Overview:  Created 09/20/2022 Duration 1:01:09
  2. Data Considerations in EVS:  Created 09/03/2022 Duration 1:02:36
  3. Application Origin and Reusing EVS Applications:  Created 09/21/2022 Duration 0:29:39
  4. How to Use C Tech Web Scenes:  Created 06/15/2022 Duration 0:18:11
PREMIUM TRAINING VIDEOS: Available only to Enterprise Customers and those with the Unlimited Training Option.  Contact sales@ctech.com for the Access Phrase (password) or to get a quote to add Unlimited Training to your license(s).
  1. Stratigraphic Modeling with gridding and horizons:  Created 09/03/2022 Duration 1:00:46
  2. Alternative Gridding Concepts in EVS:  Created 09/03/2022 Duration 1:26:50
  3. 3D Estimation in EVS:  Created 09/18/2022 Duration 2:14:20
  4. Lithologic Modeling in EVS:  Created 09/23/2022 Duration 0:39:17
  5. Advanced Lithologic Modeling in EVS:  Created 09/23/2022 Duration 1:56:56
  6. Driven Sequences in EVS:  Created 11/14/2022 Duration 1:14:08
  7. (Python) Scripted Sequences in EVS:  Created 10/07/2022 Duration 1:18:52
  8. Advanced Scripted Sequences:  Created 06/15/2023 Duration 2:13:55
  9. Advanced MODFLOW Initialization Concepts:   Created 02/17/22 Duration 1:01:09