Earth Volumetric Studio 2021.10 RC

I am pleased to announce the release of Earth Volumetric Studio 2021.10 Release Candidate. This major release adds significant new functionality and fixes many user-reported bugs.

One of the major changes in 2021.10 was a complete rewrite of the module names. This was done based on feedback from many users via the new “C Tech Software Users” team. With the new module names, the entire help system and sample projects need to be rewritten.

While the new release of EVS is ready for production use, we do not feel like we should release an official, standard release until sample projects and help have been updated fully. As such, we are releasing EVS 2021.10 as a “Release Candidate,” and recommending it for use by all experienced EVS users.

At this point, we are expecting to have updated Studio Projects next week. We are also working on rewriting the help and making new videos, but expect that to take some time. However, we did not want to hold up the new features while new help is being generated.

The release includes many significant improvements. In addition to numerous user-reported bug fixes (including the module rename issue!), this release features improvements including:

  • Module naming was updated, modernized, and made consistent
  • Legend and Titles were rewritten, and are now supported in CTWS files. The new 2D legend and titles have improved quality and functionality
  • The viewer now includes a Table of Contents, which can be used to reorder modules for CTWS, and quickly open or edit module properties
  • The network visuals were modified to allow more information to be displayed, as well as make changing visibility possible on the module, and opacity a right click away
  • The viewer now contains the ability to save “views” and “states” (combinations of visibility/opacity), which also persist when exported to CTWS
  • axes, buildings, draw lines, and other modules which interact with the viewer have been modified to work directly via the red output port. “Looped” viewer connections are no longer needed, and purple ports are now only used for viewer exporting
  • The windows and screens were updated to better support the new Windows 11 look and feel

All experienced users are encouraged to download and install the 2021.10 RC release of EVS, and provide feedback with any issues or challenges you face.

We also encourage users who are interested in having more real-time communication to join the “C Tech Software Users” team on Microsoft Teams. If you are interested in participating, request an invite by emailing