Free Training Class on Complex Fault Modeling

I am pleased to announce the release of a new Training Class on Complex Fault Modeling. This 45 minute video explains, in detail, the processes involved in modeling a complex site with 4 faults and 6 fault blocks. This site is modeled using the technique we refer to as Prehistoric Geology, and we cover how to create the prehistoric .GEO file from your current stratigraphic geologic data in order to create a faulted model which honors the continuity of the geologic strata that existed prior to the ancient faulting. This is a free recorded video class available to all users at

This fault modeling class comes on the heels of our Advanced Training Class on How to Edit Stratigraphic Geology a.k.a. How to Develop Stratigraphic Geology from Hand Drawn Cross-Sections. This 3.5 hour video workbook covers the techniques to employ the complex texture_geology and edit_horizon modules to their full advantage, and opens up new methodologies for customization of your stratigraphic geologic models. You’ll find more information about this Advanced Class and other premium training offerings at