Current Scheduled Training Classes:
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C Tech routinely holds advanced training for EnterVol and Earth Volumetric Studio. Training is held on a demand basis, and typically occurs once every four to six months. All currently scheduled training opportunities get listed above and announced on the C Tech Users mailing list. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive training announcements.

The class requisites are completion of all relevent workbooks and at least 2 weeks (equivalent full time) experience running EnterVol, Earth Volumetric Studio, EVS or MVS. We strongly urge attendees to review the workbooks prior to coming to class. This will allow us to conduct the class at an ADVANCED LEVEL.

The classes typically cover the operation of EnterVol as well as ALL important modules and features in Earth Volumetric Studio. Special focus will be given to analytically guided site assessment, geostatistics, advanced geologic modeling, automation and advanced animation concepts. This class is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who is more than a casual user of C Tech’s Earth Science Software.

Students are encouraged to bring data and applications from current consulting work to review and work on in class. You can expect significant accomplishments on these projects.

The class will be taught using the most current pre-release version of the software. We will demonstrate all new modules that are in development at the time of the class to assure that the material covered will be up-to-date. All students will be given a CD of the version used to teach the class. We will provide licenses of the software for use during the class. You do not need to bring your company’s hardware key or license, though you will need to bring your own laptop.

Classes typically start each day at 8:30 AM and will be 8-9 hours per day (Mon-Thurs) and will end at 3:30 PM on Friday. You should not plan flights on Friday earlier than 7:30 PM (to allow for drive time to the airport and security).

If you are interested in training, please call +1-941-315-5740,
or E-mail sales at for more information.