Submit Technical Support Request

Provided your organization has a current license of any C Tech software product, you may submit a technical support request by emailing

  • NOTE: emails received from generic domains (e.g. gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) will receive low priority if they are replied to at all. 
    • We cannot confirm your identity or qualifications to receive technical support if you do not use a company specific domain such as
  • All working Enterprise (Premier Program) licenses are by definition current since they are annual subscriptions.
  • All purchased software comes with one year of technical support and software updates.  After the first year, you must purchase annual maintenance in order to qualify to receive technical support.
Guidelines for Technical Support Submittal
  • Please provide a comprehensive description of the tech support issue.  Be sure to include:
    • Your name, organization and telephone number (including extension)
    • The software product and version you are running (e.g. Earth Volumetric Studio 2017.6).
      • Note that products more than two releases old are not supported.
    • If the issue involves crashes or odd behavior include your computer specs and Operating System:
      • Dell laptop Inspiron 15-5000 Gaming
      • NVIDIA® GTX 1050 Graphics
      • 16 Gb RAM
      • Windows 10
  • If your question relates to a problem with your application, it is generally useful to provide a screenshot of your application window and the viewer (if that is relevant).
    • Provide images in JPG or PNG format, not as Word, Excel or PPTX documents.
  • Do not send any information which is proprietary or subject to litigation.
    • See full restrictions and limitations below.
  • Do not send data files unless previously agreed to by C Tech.
    • Working with customer’s data is generally not covered under technical support.

If you are not sure if your license is current or know that it is not, please contact to inquire about reinstating your license maintenance.

Restrictions and Limitations

C Tech’s response to technical support requests does not constitute a consulting agreement or confidentiality agreement.

By submitting a technical support request or entering into a consulting agreement with C Tech, Client acknowledges the possibility that C Tech’s existing or future other clients may have disputes with Client or their customers and C Tech will likely not have a mechanism to identify such a conflict. Client agrees that without further notice to Client, C Tech may continue to support existing clients or may undertake in the future to support new clients with respect to providing technical support as described in C Tech’s Software Licensing Agreement.