The MVS Resistance

I realize that some C Tech’s MVS users are resisting migrating to Earth Volumetric Studio because they are a bit daunted by the need to use Python syntax in modules like node_computation vs. the non-standard “equation” syntax used in modules like data_math and field_math.

I encourage you to submit examples of your most complex equations to and I will be preparing a short tutorial on how to use node_computation and to demonstrate just how easy it is to do these same operations in Earth Volumetric Studio.

By the way.  The only modules where you need to use Python (new) syntax vs. the MVS (old) syntax are:

  • node_computation (replaces data_math, coordinate_math and field_math):  Though I will acknowledge that it seems more difficult to have to write a Python script to do something as simple as adding, multiplying or dividing, such a script is truly trivial to create.  However, if you ever want to do something really complicated, it is now possible, where it was not before.  It goes far beyond MVS’ capabilities.
  • format_string (replaces string_format):  The biggest issue is that it is different.  What we had before was non-standard.  You couldn’t look it up on the internet because it was unique to MVS.  What we use now is Python and it is extensible and globally accepted.
  • trigger_script: Though it does replace link_modules it is really a new module and can do far more than link_modules could ever imagine.    It goes far beyond MVS’ capabilities.

The recent Microsoft updates to Windows 7 that left many of our users temporarily unable to run their software should serve as a warning to anyone clinging to MVS.  We appreciate that when updating an old MVS project, it may be quicker (and perhaps cheaper) in the near-term to continue doing that work in MVS, but the longer you delay, the greater risk you impose on the future.  Over the past 25+ years we’ve faced numerous Windows updates that have caused catastrophic failures of various types to our software.  You can rest assured that if and when this happens we will quickly respond, as we always have.  However, we have no plans to respond to upgrade MVS.  Our focus is and will be on Earth Volumetric Studio and therefore it is imperative that all of our customers make a dedicated effort to fully transition away from MVS.