Adding Parameters/Modules to an existing animation

When adding an additional parameter or module to the animator after you have created a handful of scenes it may speed things up if you change the settings for the parameter to what you want for all currently existing scenes prior to adding the parameter to the animator.

For example, if you are adding an object (like an additional plume_shell) that you want to appear only later in the animation you can change the module’s visible setting to zero prior to adding it to the animator. By setting the visibility to zero prior to adding the module to the animator, the module’s visibility will be zero for all existing scenes in the animation. This step saves you from having to set it to zero in each and every scene.

To change a module’s visibility setting, select the object and then either uncheck the “Object Visible” checkbox on the viewer, or open the object editor and on the main page of General Object Settings there is a radio button to set the visibility.