Release of Complete EnterVol™ Product Suite Version 1.3.1

C Tech is pleased to officially announce the release of EnterVol 1.3.1 which includes all three major components of the EnterVol Product Suite.

Version 1.3.1 includes improvements over 1.3.  First, all reported issues with 1.3 have been corrected, including corrections to the plume tool when working with certain models generated in MVS and some stability issues dealing with specific data files.

In addition, 1.3.1 includes some dramatic improvements to the output generated by EnterVol Geology.  When dealing with models which include thin layers, lenses, or pinched out sections, the new version generates improved results.  In addition, there is now the option of including individual layer thickness data in addition to the overall model thickness.

EnterVol offers a complete suite of products for 3D volumetric geologic and analyte modeling in the ArcGIS Desktop Environment.

EnterVol 1.3.1 can be downloaded at

For those installing EnterVol for the fist time, the software will run for 15 days as a fully functional Trial version.