Release of Complete EnterVol™ Product Suite Version 1.3

C Tech is pleased to officially announce the release of EnterVol 1.3 which includes all three major components of the EnterVol Product Suite.

Version 1.3 now includes many improvements over 1.2, including:

  • New tooling for the Mining industry
  • Now properly handles coordinate systems and map projections in all EnterVol generated models
  • New export from Surface model directly as a TIN, allowing aerial photography to be draped over EnterVol models
  • Dramatically improved performance throughout the product suite
  • Better handling for concurrent licensing
  • Improvements to handling of data importing and management
  • New abilities in EnterVol Tools allowing lighting to automatically track and follow the current view
  • New “North” tool to create a labeled North Arrow
  • Various bug fixes throughout the product suite
  • Extended ability to create models from multiple data sources
  • Higher quality output generated for all stratigraphic models
  • Higher quality and more accurate plume and ore body generation
  • …. and much more!

EnterVol now offers a complete suite of products for 3D volumetric geologic and analyte modeling in the ArcGIS Desktop Environment.

EnterVol 1.3 can be downloaded at

For those installing EnterVol for the fist time, the software will run for 15 days as a fully functional Trial version.