Full list of Recorded Online Classes now Available

We have updated our Online and Recorded Classes page to reflect the full list of Recorded Online Classes which are now available for rent.  These are the meticulously edited video recordings of the online classes which were recently held and reflect the functionality of the current version of Earth Volumetric Studio.  The rental of each class includes the additional materials, data and/or applications which were generated during the class, and are provided by download.

  1. Introduction to Earth Volumetric Studio: 4 parts: 3 hours each
  2. Migration from MVS to Earth Volumetric Studio: 2 parts: 3 hours each
  3. Advanced Lithologic Modeling Video Class: 3 Hours
  4. Advanced Gridding with krig_3d_geology Video Class: 1.5 Hours
  5. Time Domain Data Video Class: 3 Hours
  6. Python Scripting in Studio: 3 Hours
  7. Advanced Variography in krig_3d: 3 hours

Enterprise License (Premier Program) customer with available training credits may use those credits towards these classes.  All others must arrange payment in advance before the URL and passwords are issued to access the recordings.   All students are required to complete the online video training registration form and submit it to sales@ctech.com in order to register for one or more classes.