How do I set the axes origin to 0,0,0?

It is possible to create what you want, and it is trivial.  There is an option in the axes module that allows you to specify the X, Y, Z “real-world” coordinates that should become your 0,0,0 origin.

The first thing to do is take note of your original (linked) “Axes Extents”.  For the Default axes case where we put the axes at the Minimum of X, Y & Z, we only need to focus on the Min X-Y-Z

Scroll down about half way to All Axes Settings, and turn on “Set Axes Origin” and enter your new origin values for X, Y, and/or Z.

In this case, I’ll enter X & Y, but leave Z alone so my elevations remain unchanged.

We’ve created a sample application (in Studio Projects 2018.5) in the Lithologic Geologic Modeling folder called hkgs_indicator_thin_fence-efb.origin-axes.intermediate.evs  

The application looks like this:

It creates the following output, despite the fact that the X & Y coordinates are over 800,000.