Extended EnterVol Trial licenses for EVS and MVS Customers

C Tech is pleased to announce that we are offering substantially extended Trial licenses of our new EnterVol Product Suite to all C Tech customers with current, paid-up maintenance or Premier subscriptions.

All MVS Premier Program customers will receive an EnterVol Product Suite license with 6 servers, each supporting up to 100 users, for a period of 6 months.

All EVS-PRO and MVS customers will receive an EnterVol Product Suite license with 1 or more servers (depending on EVS/MVS license type), each supporting up to 20 users, for a period of 3 months.

Customer wanting to take advantage of this offer should contact sales@ctech.com to arrange for these licenses.

C Tech’s EnterVol is the culmination of four years of development to provide true 3D volumetric modeling in the ArcGIS® Desktop environment. The EnterVol™ product suite is the only ArcGIS based solution that preserves the volumetric nature of volumetric data. EnterVol revolutionizes the management, analysis and display of 3D data and geometry in ArcGIS.

The anchor product, EnterVol for ArcGIS utilizes volumetric geology and/or analyte models created in C Tech’s EVS or MVS (www.ctech.com) software or models created in the EnterVol GeoStats or EnterVol Geology components. It will perform subsetting (plumes, cuts, slices, cross-sections, contouring, etc.) and analysis (volumetrics) inside of ArcGIS. 3D visualization of these models is performed in ArcSceneTM.

EnterVol GeoStats and EnterVol Geology adds true volumetric model creation with chemistry and geology data in ArcGIS and makes full 3D Volumetric Modeling in ArcGIS Desktop a reality.

For more details on the EnterVol Product Suite, please visit entervol.com.