The End of Sketchfab and the Upcoming C Tech Web Viewer

Those of you who have been using Sketchfab to deliver 3D models to clients or for marketing on your websites have (or likely soon will) receive an email from Sketchfab regarding a newly implemented limit on the number of materials in a model:

Their definition of a material differs drastically from any equivalent in your EVS models, and we have discovered that models in EVS with more than one datamap and/or multiple methods of coloring objects (e.g. object colors, RGB, etc.) are interpreted to have a very large number of materials once imported into Sketchfab. Of the 99 models C Tech had on their site over 70% were transformed in ridiculous and unacceptable ways by these recent actions. This affects not only new models uploaded to Sketchfab, but also any work you’ve done in the past.

C Tech is recommending all users who have used Sketchfab to check all of their previously uploaded models to verify that they work acceptably.

We do not envision any way to restore proper functionality within Sketchfab’s new limitations. Please understand that this was a unilateral action by Sketchfab and completely beyond C Tech’s control.

C Tech no longer recommends Sketchfab as a delivery mechanism for EVS models.

Fortunately, we have been working diligently for months on a C Tech Web Viewer. This new functionality is requiring two separate developments paths:

  1. Creation of a new file format to export EVS models 
    • .ctws = C Tech Web Scene
    • We refer to the exports as scenes because they will contain more than just model geometries and colors
  2. Creation of a browser-based web viewer

We recognize that the new dysfunction of Sketchfab models may create serious problems for some of our users and their clients. We are doing everything possible to expedite the release of our web viewer technology. However, the framework required for this new feature is affecting over 90% of EVS modules and we cannot provide a release until we revise and test these modules as well as the primary two tasks above.

Our current plans should provide an initial version in March 2021 with more features to follow. Since functionality will be driven by enhancements to both the file format and web viewer, enhancements may be driven by just one or both paths. We will always announce new features and provide information on how to exploit them.

We know that security is a major concern and we want to assure you that this has been addressed. Our web viewer will not require uploading files to any site. When you (or your clients) drop a .CTWS file into C Tech’s web viewer the file is viewed (and acted upon) locally. Internet access is only required to open the viewer’s page and can be disconnected prior to dropping the file: providing proof that the file is kept local. To assure you that we are close, below is an image of our current prototype viewer (the image below is not interactive):

Thank you,
Reed Copsey