Release of EnterVol Product Suite Version 1.8.1

C Tech is pleased to announce the release of EnterVol 1.8.1 for ArcGIS 10.1, which includes a number of enhancements over version 1.7.1.

New or improved functionality in EnterVol includes:

  • Dramatic speed and memory improvements throughout the product.  Loading models is significantly faster in 1.8.
  • Dramatic improvements to stability and performance in many routines
  • Cross sections can be created directly from graphics within ArcScene
  • New tool for converting EnterVol layers to standard FeatureClasses, allowing simplified publishing or sharing of scenes and maps with people without EnterVol.
  • Tool to convert all EnterVol layers in entire scene to standard FeatureClasses.
  • Inclusion of information within the Layer Properties window detailing settings used for creating Feature Classes when tools are executed.

EnterVol Tools also received some significant improvements and new features, including:

  • Grid tool in ArcMap can now accept a cross section fence path, and display the true X and Y coordinate values along the path, in addition to the distance along the cross section.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

EnterVol 1.8.1 can be downloaded at

For those installing EnterVol for the first time, the software will run for 15 days as a fully functional Trial version.