Release of EnterVol Product Suite Version 1.5.2

C Tech is pleased to announce the release of EnterVol 1.5.2, which includes a number of enhancements over version 1.4. These include new tools in the EnterVol Tools suite, improvements to the Fence Cut, Plume, and Ore Body tools, fixes for all major reported bugs, and a completely overhauled import system.

The new import system included in 1.5.2 supports direct import from tables and feature classes stored within the ArcGIS document. The new importer supports merging operations on overlapping or conflicting data for tables, feature classes, and C Tech data file formats. This allows corrections to the user’s dataset to be made without re-importing the entire dataset from scratch, and avoids accidental duplication of data. Error handling during import has been vastly improved as well, preventing corrupted or partial imports from occurring.

While included with the EnterVol for ArcGIS suite, EnterVol Tools can now be purchased separately as a standalone plug-in for users who do not need the functionality of EnterVol for ArcGIS.  It provides enhanced usability with 3D data in ArcScene or for annotating cross sections in ArcMap.  EnterVol Tools now includes the Axes and Grid tools, for generating customizable overlay grid markers in 3D and 2D respectively.

EnterVol 1.5.2 can be downloaded at

For those installing EnterVol for the first time, the software will run for 15 days as a fully functional Trial version.