Release of Earth Volumetric Studio 2020.5

The last time I was this excited about a software release was August 2016 when we released the first 64-bit version of Studio.  In many ways, the May 2020 release is far more significant.  However, before I list the new features you will be able to enjoy, I need to make you aware of the requirements to run Earth Volumetric Studio 2020.5.

  1. All Enterprise and Floating license customers must uninstall their current license servers and install and configure the new CTech Universal License Server. Instructions are here.
  2. This new server will support all prior versions of Studio as well as MVS.
  3. The 2020.5 version of Studio will not run with any prior server.

There are many new features in Studio 2020.5, but I think that most users have been waiting for the first one listed:

  • EVS Presentations: Allows Enterprise and Floating license customers to create EVS applications that include the data and can be viewed by their clients and management without needing a license.  Installation of Studio 2020.5 will be required for those creating EVS Presentations as well as those viewing them.
  • This release also includes our Patent Pending Fast Geostatistical Realization© (FGR©) technology, which is an extension of Gaussian Geostatistical Simulations. This applies to 2D & 3D analytical data, Lithologic Modeling and Stratigraphic Geologic Modeling.   There are several new Studio Project apps that demonstrate these capabilities.
  • Two new Lithology data file formats offer the ability dramatically improve your Smooth Lithologic Modeling efforts.
    • LSDV (Lithology Screen Data Value) files are an enhancement to PGF files in that they accommodate both non-vertical borings and lithology data with data-gaps.
    • LPDV (Lithology Point Data Value) files are the more significant format which supports lithology as points (vs. intervals). Imagine including surficial geology maps to your lithology data for your Smooth Lithologic Modeling efforts.
  • Earth Volumetric Studio Projects has been substantially enhanced. Back in August 2016 there were fewer than 200 sample applications.  This release has nearly 450.

Thank you all for your patience. I know that many users have been waiting for this release and EVS Presentations for months. I hope your customers will appreciate the new power you are able to give them. 

Thank you,

Reed Copsey

President, C Tech Development Corporation