Feature Earth Volumetric Studio EnterVol
General Capabilities
Native 64-bit Application    
Maximum Model Size Based on Grid Nodes
 Over 100 Million
Limited only by system RAM
 1-2 Million
GPU Support for Over 100x Reductions in Compute Times (for specific modules)    
Standalone Application  
Requires ArcGIS Desktop and 3D Analyst (ArcScene)
Geologic Modeling
Surface Based Hierarchical Layer Models  
Adaptive Geologic Indicator Kriging  
Geologic Indicator Kriging  
Simple Faulting with Planar Fault Surfaces  
Complex Faulting with Non-Planar Surfaces    
Automatic Modeling of Ore Body and Plume Overburden    
Complex Erosion Modeling  
Mining or Excavation Pits  
Tunneling Along Complex Paths    
Optimization of Excavation or Building Foundation Cut and Fill  
Chemistry Or Parameter Estimation
2D Parameter Estimation Using Expert System Driven Kriging    
Subset 3D Data Using Average, Maximum, or Slice at Elevation    
Automatic 2D Adaptive Grid Refinement    
3D Parameter Estimation Using Expert System Driven Kriging  
Automatic 3D Adaptive Grid Refinement  
 GS/G Limited
Ability to Automatically Handle Time Domain Data    
Compensation for Anisotropic Media Transmissivity  
Fully Anisotropic Variography  
3D Parameter Estimation Using Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW)  
Logarithmic and Linear Data Processing  
Geostatistical Confidence and Uncertainty Determination    
Min/Max Plume Bounding Computation    
External kriging into C Tech geologic models  
 GS/G Limited
Analytical And Statistical Capabilities
Computation of Ore Body Plume Overburden Mass and Volume    
Integrated Volumetrics & Contaminant/Ore Body Mass    
Statistical Analysis of Input Data Files    
Statistical Analysis of 3D Models    
Integration With Other Applications
Runs Natively in ArcGIS® 10.x    
ESRI’s ArcGIS® 10.x (includes ArcGIS Tool Bar)    
ESRI’s ArcView® 8.x (includes ArcGIS Tool Bar)    
Groundwater Vistas Visualization  
 Extremely Limited
Groundwater Vistas Grid Generation    
GMS Integration (Femwater, MODFLOW, and MT3D) and Visualization  
 Extremely Limited
Animation of Modeling Results (GMS, Vistas, Visual MODFLOW, etc.)    
Microsoft Access Database Tools    
Earthsoft’s (www.earthsoft.com) EQuiS Data Management    
Geotech’s (www.geotech.com) EnviroData Data Management    
ESDAT (www.esdat.com.au) Data Management    
GCA (www.gintsoftware.com) gINT 3D Boring Log Export    
Integration with Custom Data Management Systems    
Input Formats
Finite Element Models EVS Field Files    
Finite Difference Models (UCD, Field, and EVS Field Files)  
AutoCAD DWG & DXF (2D and 3D CAD Models)  
Image Files (all formats) to Use as Texture Maps (overlays)  
ESRI Shapefiles (ARC/INFO®, ArcGIS®, and ArcView®)  
C Tech 4D Interactive Models (4DIM) Playback    
Rendered Output Formats
OpenGL Rendered Bitmpas at Screen Resolutions  
High Resolution Rendered Bitmap Images (all formats)  
High Resolution Georeferenced BMP and World Files  
Animation Output as AVI, MPEG, and HAV (lossless)  
 ArcGIS Limited
Vector And GIS Output Formats
Output Complete Models as C Tech 4D Interactive Models (4DIM)    
Output Complete Models as VRML (type 1 and 2)    
Output Any Object as a 3D ESRI Shapefile or a 3D DXF File    
Annotation And Printing
3D Labeled Axes    
2D Overlay, True 3D, and 3D Extruded Titles  
Direct Output to Any Windows Printer or Plotter  
Interactivity Highlights
Rotate, Zoom, Pan, and Query Objects in the Viewer    
Interactively Build Fence Diagrams in 3D Geochemical Models    
Interactive Fly-Over and Fly-Through Animations  
Interactively Build Fault Surfaces and Fault Blocks    
Measured Data Posting
Samples as Spheres, Colored Borings, Squares, or Hexagons    
Samples as Cubes and Arbitrary Glyph Shapes    
Boreholes as Tubes, Wires, or checkmarkn-vertical Borings    
Explode Samples and Borings by Lithology    
Visualization Techniques
User Definable Color Mapping (Symbology)    
Solid Colored Contours and Gouraud Shading    
Georeferenced Texture Mapping of Aerial Photos onto Any Object  
Surfaces Volumes Edges, Grid, Hidden Lines    
Plumes (Isovolumes)    
Intersections of Multiple Analytes  
 Extremely Limited
Unions of Multiple Analytes    
Drape Lines(e.g. DXF Input) on Surfaces  
2D & 3D Isolines and Contours    
3D Labeled Isolines    
Arbitrary or Orthogonal Plane Cutting    
Rotated Rectangle or Cylinder Coring    
Interactive 3D Fence Diagrams Thin    
Interactive 3D Fence Diagrams Thick    
Irregular Facility Boundary Cutting    
Vector Visualization Using User Specified Glyphs    
Particle Advection Animation Using User Specified Glyphs    
Streamlines and Streamribbons    
3D Fence Diagrams: Chemistry, Geology, or Both    
Control Transparency and Properties of All Graphical Objects    
Animation Creation & Automation
Integrated Python Scripting to control any function    
Create C Tech 4D Interactive Models Playable on Free Players    
Ability to Animate Time Domain Data    
Create C Tech 4D Interactive Models Playable on Licensed Players    
Output to Standard AVI, MPEG, or HAV formats  
Support for Broadcast Quality Animation    
Automatic (User Editable) Script Generation    
Automation Using User Editable Journaling    
Grid Generation
2D and 3D Irregular Finite Difference Grids    
Convex Hull Bounded by Sample (x,y) Coordinates    
2D Finite Element Grid with Multiple Layers    
Auto 2D Cell Refinement Based on Sample (x,y) Coordinates    
3D Finite Element Grid with Multiple Layers    
Auto 3D Cell Refinement Based on Sample (x,y,z) Coordinates    
Price: $15,995 $2,500 to $9,000*
Monthly rental cost (applicable towards purchase): $1,595  
Eight month fully amortized lease monthly payment: $2,160  
C Tech performs consulting services using Earth Volumetric Studio for clients all over the world. C Tech provides geostatistical analysis, visualization, animation, consulting and training. When your schedule seems impossible or the quantity of data is overwhelming, call us. When your project demands broadcast quality animation, poster size 3D visualizations, or web-based visualization integration, contact us to discover new better and more cost effective ways to meet your needs. Call or e-mail for consulting rates or a fixed price quotation for your specific project.
* EnterVol is sold as separate components. EnterVol Volume Analyst is the core component($2,500), and the full Suite is $6,000 for a Fixed License of $9,000 for a Concurrent License.
EnterVol GeoStats (GS) and EnterVol Geology (G)