EnterVol Tools

EnterVol Tools provides several fundamental capabilities to ArcMap and ArcScene users including building closed multi-patches (pseudo volumes) from two rasters of arbitrary resolution or extent, enhanced view controls, labeled axes, data labeling, direction indicator(s) and more.  This product is included with all components of the EnterVol Suite, but is also available separately from $299.

The following tools are included with EnterVol Tools:

EnterVol Scene Control

The Scene Control provides the ability to directly manipulate the view within ArcScene.  You have quick, direct control and feedback of the current scene’s Azimuth and Inclination, Z Scale, and more.  In addition, the option to change how feature class lighting is handled in ArcScene is provided, which dramatically improves the visual appearance of feature class data, especially when viewed from below.

EnterVol Tools Scene Control

Axes for ArcScene

The axes tool within EnterVol Tools provides creates a Layer in your scene providing full, customized, labeled axes which automatically adjust for Z scale as well as all coordinate systems.  The axes tool provides numerous options for coloring, labeling, and display, including whether to show grid lines, the outer box, and more.

Axes within ArcScene

Grid for ArcMap

The grid  tool within EnterVol Tools provides creates a Layer in your map providing full, customized, labeled axes.  Unlike the built-in layout tools, the Grid layer has options for scaling individual axes and relabeling appropriately.  This is particularly important when looking at cross sections within ArcMap, as your “Y” axis becomes the elevation, and will typically need a vertical exaggeration to display properly.  By using Grid, the labels and grid are automatically treated properly.

ArcMap Layout of Cross Section using EnterVol Grid Layer

Raster to Volume

The Raster to Volume tool builds closed multi-patches (pseudo volumes) from two ESRI rasters of same or different resolutions and/or extents.  The volume of resulting closed multi-patch can be determined using ESRI’s tools.  Intersecting surfaces can create multiple volumes and the user can specify which surfaces should be treated as Top or Bottom.

Raster to Volume

Raster to Volume

Direction Indicator for ArcScene

The direction indicator tool within EnterVol Tools provides creates a 3D directional indicator within your Scene.  It allows you to add a layer representing north as full Compass Rose, and display it within your scene.

Direction Indicator as a Compass Rose

Also provided is the option to display this as a 3D North Arrow:

Direction Indicator as a North Arrow