EnterVol GeoStats

EnterVol GeoStats¬© provides the ability to create volumetric grids and perform parameter estimation into those volumes. Using the same technology in C Tech’s EVS & MVS software, our expert systems will guide you through the process of performing 2D and 3D volumetric estimation using Kriging and inverse distance weighted.

EnterVol GeoStats grids can be constrained to an upper surface such as ground topography or a water table. The bottom of the volumetric grid can be defined at a constant elevation or constant depth.

Inverted grids representing air or water bodies can also be created where the bottom surface is defined by an input surface (such as bathymetry) and the top of the grid is defined at a constant elevation or constant thickness.

More complex gridding capabilities are available in EnterVol Geology©. When both EnterVol GeoStats and EnterVol Geology are installed on the same system, 3D estimation into geologic models is possible.