Online Class Offerings for September and October, 2016

We are pleased to announce the September-October 2016 online classes for Earth Volumetric Studio. These are described at The page includes a PDF Registration form with the schedule for these class offerings. This form must be submitted for each student wishing to participate.

These classes have been scheduled to accommodate all U.S. time zones.

At this time we are offering three series of classes:

  • A repeat of the Introduction to Earth Volumetric Studio Series in four, 4 hour sessions.
  • A repeat of the Migration from MVS to Earth Volumetric Studio Series in two, 4 hour sessions.
  • An Advanced Training Class Series with two different single session topics:
    • Python Scripting in Studio
    • Advanced Variography in krig_3d

The Intro series is targeted at new users, whereas the Migration class is specifically for EVS-Pro and MVS users who are relatively new to Studio. The Advanced Classes are for anyone with prior experience who want to expand their expertise to include Python automation and advanced variography and kriging optimization.

Premier Program customers may use their free training credits towards the cost of these classes. It is each student’s responsibility to confirm that they are authorized to use the organization’s training credits before submitting their registration form.

Thank you,
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Software Sales Department
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