New Features and New Prices!

Our next software release, likely in early April 2020, will be the biggest in years. The most notable new features include:

  • EVS Presentations – a single file deliverables which allow our customers to provide versions of their Earth Volumetric Studio applications to their clients, who can then modify properties interactively.  For example, allow your clients to:
    • Choose their own plume levels
    • Change Z-Scale and/or Explode distance
    • Move slices or cuts through the model
    • Draw their own paths for (thin_fence) cross-sections
  • Advanced (secret) geostatistics functionality for:
    • 2D & 3D Analytical data modeling
    • Lithologic modeling
    • Stratigraphic modeling

This major new version will include a change in policy and features that will affect all customers.  The functionality of Earth Volumetric Studio will differ slightly depending on the type of licensing that your company has.  For this release, only EVS Presentations will be affected:

  • Fixed Licenses will not be able to create EVS Presentations
  • Floating Licenses will be able to create EVS Presentations
  • Enterprise Licenses will be able to create EVS Presentations, and will further be able to integrate Python scripting into those applications

Commensurate with the above feature differences, we fully expect a dramatic increase in tech support load.  As our customers deliver EVS Presentations to their clients, those clients will need to perform a full installation of Earth Volumetric Studio.  Though we won’t be in a position to provide tech support related to the operation and use of the customized EVS Presentations because of their proprietary content, we will be providing installation assistance.  Based on the time we currently spend on installation related tech support for our customers, we anticipate chaos!

In anticipation of the greater tech support workload and reflecting the substantial new functionality that will be reflected in the next release, we are announcing our first price increase in years, effective December 1, 2019.   The prices for:

  • Fixed Licenses and their maintenance will not increase
  • Floating Licenses and their maintenance will increase 15%
  • Enterprise License subscriptions and renewals will increase 15% However, Enterprise customers with more than 12,000 employees may see a greater increase due to restructuring of the Enterprise Size Levels
  • The 3D PDF Enterprise Add-On will increase from 10% to 15%

All updated pricing is available at:

We recognize that many Fixed License customers will be disappointed that they cannot deliver EVS Presentations to their clients.  To that end, we will be offering a reduced cost upgrade path for a limited time.

Contact for more information.