Modeling of Karst Geology with Caves

One of C Tech’s distributor’s in China asked us to explain how Earth Volumetric Studio could be used to model Caves.

The most straightforward approach is to use indicator kriging (e.g. indicator_geology module) and treat the cave as as if it were another material in the site lithology.  The video below takes this approach.  You can also apply adaptive_indicator_kriging to stratigraphic geologic models.  In this way, if you have a site with stratigraphic geology, you can include a cave based on lithology data within the stratigraphic layers.

Other approaches are to model the cave as a volumetric excavation within any type of 3D volumetric grid using either:

  • Binary lithology (values of 1 inside the cave and 0 outside the cave).  You would format the binary data as an APDV or AIDV file and use krig_3d (turn off log processing),  or
  • Using a closed surface created outside of Earth Volumetric Studio (such as LIDAR) and then using surf_cut

I hope that this instructional video will be helpful.  The application shown here will be included in the next release of Studio Projects.

Reed D. Copsey, President