Geologic Modeling and Geophysics

Geologic Modeling and Geophysics

EnterVol provides essential tools for geologists and geophysicists.

No longer are you limited to 2D fence diagrams and crude guesses. Discover dozens of new ways to interpret your site’s boring logs as a group in 3D.

The EnterVol Product Suite has the ability to build extremely complex geologic models directly from boring logs using indicator kriging in addition to our layered approach known around the world and geologic hierarchy.

The EnterVol Product Suite excels in the ability to handle analysis and visualization of geophysical data.

For example, 3D resistivity can be analyzed from 2D ground arrays, cross-borehole and airborne surveys. Electrical resistivity surveys offer the ability to inexpensively collect vast quantities of three-dimensional subsurface data. Seismic and surface wave (MASW) data can be viewed, analyzed and processed as volumetric information.  Civil engineering, environmental sciences, mining, archaeology and many other disciplines can benefit from these measurement techniques.

Geologic Model with Dipping Strata