Building Foundations

Understanding the volumetric properties of the soil and rock under proposed sites for high-rise construction is critical to controlling both cost and safety.  When planning and building 10, 50 or 100 story buildings you cannot limit your thinking to two dimensions.

EnterVol can analyze and visualize multi-sensor data to guide the restoration efforts of this fourth century architectural wonder and one of the oldest churches in Italy.

Dual-frequency ground penetrating radar data was processed to determine radar dispersion which was combined with 3D resistivity surveys to volumetrically map the structural integrity of the roof. The analysis and visualization was used to locate fractures and voids in the domed roof structure.  Regions with both high resistivity and high radar dispersion occur where bricks or mortar have fractures or voids. 

This work helped minimize the need for destructive testing, to better preserve the precious original mosaic tile.