The Volumetric Evolution

The Evolution of 3D Volumetric Modeling

C Tech has been a leader in 3D volumetric modeling for 20 years and longer for our founder.  In 1989 C Tech began work on a 3D graphics platform to support its defense projects.  Within one year, that software was being used on Earth Science consulting projects ranging from Superfund Sites to gold mines.  By 1991 we were selling commercial software and in 1994 we released our first Microsoft Windows version of EVS – Environment Visualization System.

EVS was designed from the beginning to be a powerful and flexible toolkit targeted to soil and groundwater site assessment and remediation.  Our users quickly showed us that our software should be used in many other Earth Science disciplines and by 1998 we released the first version of MVS (Mining Visualization System).

C Tech is constantly refining and adding new features to EVS and MVS.  We typically release 3-4 new versions each year.  Because of our modular software architecture, each release maintains a high degree of backwards compatibility to ease the software update burden on our users while providing them the most advanced technology.