About C Tech

C Tech’s History

In 1989, Reed D. Copsey, Sr. (degrees from MIT and Caltech) formed C Tech Development Corporation, a research and development company, which has focused for 20 years on the development of C Tech’s Earth Science software, EVS, MVS and EnterVol. C Tech’s software is recognized around the world for environmental, geologic modeling, geophysics, oceanic, archaeology, mining and geologic data analysis and visualization.

Mr. Copsey has been involved in three-dimensional data analysis and visualization since 1977 beginning with analytically guided explosives technology for naval countermine weapon systems as well as other fields of explosives technology. One of those projects was the first successful gun-fired air-launched projectile capable of supercavitating underwater flight in over 20 years of Navy research.  This research was featured in the May 2001 issue of Scientific American magazine.

In 1990 C Tech was approached to help with the 3D finite element modeling of large mine dewatering simulation.  Our company’s supercomputer was over 100 times faster than the fastest PC then available.  That project quickly grew to include 3D visualization and animation.  We realized that high quality 3D volumetric modeling was rare in the Earth Sciences and typically found only in oil exploration and gold mining.  For 20 years our goal has been to make 3D volumetric modeling accessible to organizations working on projects of all sizes and budgets.

In 1995, C Tech was separated into two corporations C Tech Defense Corporation which pursued C Tech’s defense technology and C Tech Development Corporation which is exclusively involved in software development. In 1997 Mr. Copsey sold C Tech Defense Corporation to allow him to focus exclusively on C Tech’s Earth Science software. C Tech now has hundreds of customers and thousands of users on all continents of the world. Our Earth Science software is the gold standard for environmental engineering projects, litigation support, geologic modeling, geophysics, oceanography, archaeology, mining and many other fields.

C Tech’s Key Personnel

Reed D Copsey, Sr. – President: Mr. Copsey’s role as President and CEO of C Tech Development Corp. includes managing the corporation, architecting the development of C Tech’s software products and managing large consulting programs for clients all over the world.  Mr. Copsey was intimately involved in the software development and code writing until Reed Jr. joined the company.

Reed D Copsey, Jr. – Chief Technical Officer:  Reed Jr. has lead C Tech’s software development group from our largest office in Bellingham, Washington for nearly a decade.  C Tech’s software development team is an elite group of programmers with unparalleled expertise.  Reed Jr’s group which spans 10 time zones and includes two Microsoft MVPs , of which he is one. Given that Microsoft’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program includes 4,143 individuals covering 90 technologies, C Tech’s MVPs in the C# programming language and 3D graphics help secure C Tech’s dominant position in this industry.