Why does the Python Editor in Studio show “dots” for each space?

Python is a Whitespace sensitive programming language that uses “spaces” and indenting instead of curly braces or “begin/end” keywords.  The version of Python used in Earth Volumetric Studio requires that spaces be used instead of a mix of tabs and spaces for indenting.

Without our making the whitespace characters (both spaces and tabs) visible, it can be very difficult to debug your errors if you paste in sections of code that you write or copy from other editors that do not automatically convert tabs to spaces (like we do in Studio).  

Below is an image of  our Python editor which has flagged an error on line 68 which has a mix of tabs and spaces for indenting.  

If the spaces and tabs were “invisible”, it would be very difficult to make sense of this error.

I appreciate that change is often annoying and some users may want to turn off the (green) whitespace characters, but that is not possible.  We have had many-many tech support requests related to errors like the one shown above and we believe the benefits of this feature will outweigh any annoyance.