A customer asked: “What does “Found valid geo layer after an unknown layer, turning off Estimate in Thickness Space!” mean?” and included these images:

Except that I have highlighted the image below, to point out the type of situation in your data files that causes this error (it hadn’t actually occurred the snippet of this file provided, so I edited the file to make my point).

The issues and things to remember are:

  • When Estimating in Thickness Space, you cannot have any borings (rows) where short flags are followed by numeric values.
  • Remember that short flags are equivalent to any of the following
    • missing
    • unknown
    • unk
    • na
    • terminated
    • term
  • Also, you can’t follow a short with a pinch flag either, since that would be completely undefined garbage!
  • If you can’t fix these issues in your data file, your can’t use Estimating in Thickness Space option.