What are the functional restrictions when using Earth Volumetric Studio in Demo Mode?

Question: Does EVS in Demo Mode run the same as a fully licensed version if only data files from the sample projects are used, or are there any other restrictions on what it will do?

All Studio Project applications will run with Demo Licensing and all the data files included in Studio Project installs can be used with Demo Licensing.

However, the things that you cannot do are:

  • Use derivative files that you create such as:
    • Any .APDV, .AIDV, .GEO, or .PGF files created with the Data Translation Tools
    • Any .APDV files created with the Data Reduction Tool
  • Use TCF files and associated .EFB files created with Time kriging options in krig_2d and krig_3d
  • Though you can use make_geo_hierarchy,
    • You cannot use the .GMF or .GEO files that it creates

You CAN run DrillGuide since we do handle the licensing of the resultant .DG file.