My application has become corrupted and I can’t open it.

Here are our guidelines to address this issue:
  • Potential resolution
    • Move the app away from the data (e.g. to your desktop)
    • Try to open it there without the data
    • If successfully opened
    • Delete some connections after key modules like krig_3d or
    • Turn OFF Run toggle on key modules
    • Resave app with new name
    • Move back to prior location where data resides
    • Reopen (may need to browse to some data files)
  • Methodology to prevent recurrence
    • Get in the habit of frequently saving your application
    • Don’t just save to the same name
    • Whenever you’ve done 10 minutes worth of relevant work, add a serial number to the name (e.g. ACME-Project-South-Site-Rev-1.07.evs)
    • IMPORTANT STEP:  Every 30 minutes worth of relevant work.  Shut down and open your last app version.
      • If you don’t do this step, you’ll never know if all of your revisions have become corrupted.
      • If you have multiple licenses, you don’t have to shut down.  Just open another in another instance of EVS