Is there a way to adjust the number of streamlines generated by streamline_surface?

QUESTION: I’m using streamline_surface and drive_glyphs to depict groundwater flow at a Site.  The issue is the dense number of streamlines is making difficult for the viewer to understand what they are seeing.  Is there a way to reduce the number of streamlines within Earth Volumetric Studio?

The number of streamlines that are generated is determined by the number of NODES in the field connected to the right input port of streamlines.  You decide what you connect to that port.  I usually use isolines on a slice, and I often pass isolines through polyline_spline to further reduce the number of points in the isolines.

Other interesting choices for inputs are:

  • create_grid
  • post_samples (samples) or file_statistics
  • create a coarse version of your 3d model and then slice it