How do I get one or more surfaces from an EVS field?

QUESTION: I have an EVS field file created from Krig_3D_Geology –> Krig_3D so it has the GeoLayer info and can be subset and split by explode_and_scale (it’s V type in Studio).  How do I get one of the geologic surfaces as a surface to use with the surfmap module (requires S type in Studio)?  The whole purpose of the EVS field is to not have to re-krig data over and over again…

It is POSSIBLE to extract a surface from a volumetric output.  If you take the layer of interest and pass it through external_faces (to get a hollow shell) and then to slope_aspect_splitter (to extract either the top or bottom surface of that layer), you should be able to use that with surfmap.  But this is not trivial.

The purpose of EVS Field Files is to save fields to eliminate the need to perform time consuming calculations and for archival purposes.  When you save an EVS Field File (.efb, .eff, etc.) you are saving the functions of all upstream modules.

However, that is NOT to say that you have saved the output of all upstream modules.  If you have krig_3d_geology –> krig_3d, and you save the output of krig_3d, you have NOT also saved the output of krig_3d_geology.  What this means is that you don’t have anything MORE than the output of krig_3d, and since you would not normally try to extract a geologic surface from krig_3d but would instead use krig_3d_geology connected to geologic_surface(s).  You do not have what you want.

You could have (should have) ALSO saved the output of krig_3d_geology as a separate EFB and when you do this, you also want to connect the yellow port which provides the geologic surface names.