EVS, MVS, and EnterVol Training Class: Perth, Australia, April 16-19, 2012

C Tech will be holding an EVS, MVS, and EnterVol training class on April 16th-19th, 2012 (Monday – Thursday). This class will be held in Perth, Western Australia.

This class is being sponsored by Golder Associates’ Perth office. They have graciously offered to allow students from outside Golder to attend this class. The open class will be 3.5 days and will cover an introduction to C Tech’s new EnterVol product line as well as advanced training on our Mining Visualization System (a superset of EVS – Environmental Visualization System).

Monday will be taught using EnterVol, C Tech’s newest product allowing 3D volumetric modeling within ArcGIS. Tuesday through Thursday will be taught using EVS and MVS, building upon the initial content on Monday to provide instruction on advanced techniques available using EVS and MVS. EVS or MVS users should plan to attend all 3.5 days since fundamentals covered on Monday will not be reviewed during the remainder of the week.

C Tech training classes are generally held twice per year, but most typically only in the United States. If you are interested in a class in Australia, please contact C Tech immediately. Payment is required to secure your spot in the class.

Since this class is primarily for personnel of Golder, there are a very limited number of spaces available. To secure a spot in this class requires payment of the $2,000 tuition cost. This class is not eligible to use the free training spots associated with C Tech’s Premier Program.

Monday will provide an overview and training of EnterVol. In addition, we will cover the basics fundamentals of 3D, volumetric modeling, including data organization, grid generation, and estimation. Tuesday through Thursday will cover the operation of all main modules in EVS-Pro and MVS (Mining Visualization System). Special focus will be given to analytically guided site assessment, geostatistics, advanced geologic modeling, automation and advanced animation concepts. This class is highly recommended for anyone who is more than a casual user of EVS or MVS.

Students are encouraged to bring data and applications from current consulting work to review and work on in class. You can expect significant accomplishments on these projects. A portion of the class time will also be devoted to student projects.

The class will be taught using the most current release or a pre-release version of the software. We will demonstrate all new modules that are in development at the time of the class to assure that the material covered will be up-to-date.

We recommend bringing a laptop computer if you plan on working with your own data, although you may be able to share with other students.

We will provide full licenses of MVS for use during the class. You do not need to bring your company’s EVS or MVS hardware key.