EarthSoft and C Tech Announce New EQuIS Interfaces to EVS and EnterVol

EarthSoft has released new versions of the EQuIS interfaces with EVS and support for the new EnterVol software from C Tech Development Corporation. As an ArcGIS extension, EnterVol is easily run from within EQuIS for ArcGIS for advanced data analysis and decision support. This industry-leading product integration provides an expert system so environmental engineers spend their time analyzing data and answering what-if questions instead of endlessly manipulating different file formats required by various software packages.

Streamline your 3D visualization and analyses using EarthSoft and C Tech software. EQuIS Professional or EQuIS for ArcGIS export the following geology and chemistry files used by C Tech’s EVS and MVS software (EVS):

  • Pre-Geology (*.PGF), geology (*.geo) & geology multi-file (*.gmf) files.
  • 3D Chemistry (*.csv)
  • 3D Groundwater Chemistry (*.gwc)
  • Groundwater Chemistry Time (*.gwt)
  • Soil Chemistry Time (*.sct)

C Tech’s Environmental Visualization System (EVS) and Mining Visualization System (MVS) software and EnterVol for ArcGIS are the worldwide standard for 3D Volumetric Modeling of Earth Science data. C Tech unites state-of-the art analysis and visualization tools into extremely powerful software systems developed to meet the needs of geologists, geochemists, environmental or mining engineers, oceanographers, archaeologists and modelers. C Tech provides true 3D volumetric modeling, analysis and visualization to help you unlock the mysteries and discover the trends in your geophysical data in any environment (e.g. soil, groundwater, surface water, air, etc.). C Tech’s software creates 3D volumetric models based on geologic and/or Earth Science analyte data using advanced gridding techniques and geostatistical analysis driven by a user friendly expert system. C Tech offers a myriad of subsetting and visualization tools (e.g. plumes, slices, cuts, cross-sections, etc.) to investigate your data.

EQuIS for ArcGIS interfaces with EVS in advanced ways. EVS-PRO and MVS can transform EQuIS data into animations and even 3D physical models. EVS plumes, slices, cuts and cross-sections can be exported to CAD or GIS. For organizations focused on ArcGIS desktop, C Tech’s EnterVol offers the fundamental 3D volumetric modeling power of EVS in a true ArcGIS extension. Go directly from your complex geologic and Earth Science data resident in EQuIS to plumes, slices cuts, cross-sections and volumetric and mass computations directly from ArcScene (ArcGIS 3D Analyst) or ArcMap. The 3D Preview Window for ArcMap that is included with EQuIS for ArcGIS allows you to see these EnterVol layers in 3D directly within ArcMap.

For several videos of EarthSoft’s new integration with C Tech software, visit EarthSoft’s YouTube channel at