Earth Volumetric Studio 2020.10

Earth Volumetric Studio 2020.10The October 2020 release of EVS brings many improvements and a long-asked-for thickness module.

The thickness module provides the ability to compute the (vertical direction) thickness of any complex object. For those who have asked how to do this in the past and we said it wasn’t possible and would require a complex ray-tracing approach: that is what we needed to do. This provides the ability to do all of the following (and more):

  • Compute the thickness of plume, intersection or union outputs
    • Thickness can be added to the objects as new data, or
    • Thickness of an object can be projected onto another object, such as the ground surface.
  • The thickness of stratigraphic layers can be computed following any type of cutting operations such as:
    • surf_cut
    • tunnel_cut
    • cut
  • The thickness of lithologic materials (from indicator_geology) can be determined.
  • There are some sample applications that demonstrate the thickness module in the Total HC at a Painting Facility folder of Studio Projects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we announced at the end of 2019, C Tech does not support Windows 7 as an operating system for Earth Volumetric Studio. Previous versions would still install and operate. 2020.10 is the first release which will not work on Windows 7. Some of the dependencies we use (such as Python) no longer function on Windows 7, and this release is the first where we have disabled the ability to install on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 machines. You will need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to install 2020.10.

EVS Major Improvements: 

  • Python scripting: We have upgraded to using Python 3.9 (the latest release) from Python 3.5.2. The new integration also works properly with more user-installed python extensions, such as numpy and Pandas.
  • Kriging modules: We previously used a different Power Factor (1.0) in exponential and gaussian covariance functions. We changed this to 3.0 to be consistent with SGeMS, but provide this parameter.
  • Realization modules: Multiple enhancements related to internal data and functionality such as Min-Max outputs
  • mask_geology module: Dramatic speed improvement
  • trigger_script: More (nearly all) items can be used as triggers and will work as expected now.
  • LSDV and LPDV file formats: Improved handling within modules and creation/editing Tools
  • Percent Units: Improved consistency and functionality in post_samples, legend and elsewhere.
  • read_cad module: Improved reliability of reading files.
  • statistics module: multiple enhancements 
  • Animator: Improved efficiency by preventing multiple runs of modules in certain cases