Announcement of EnterVol™ Product Suite

C Tech is pleased to officially announce our new product line EnterVol, the culmination of four years of development to provide true 3D volumetric modeling in the ArcGIS® Desktop environment.  EnterVol’s product suite is the only ArcGIS based solution that preserves the volumetric nature of volumetric data.  EnterVol revolutionizes the management, analysis and display of 3D data and geometry in ArcGIS.

The anchor product, EnterVol for ArcGIS utilizes volumetric geology and/or analyte models created in C Tech’s EVS or MVS software and saved in our EVS Field File (.eff, .efz, .efb) format.  It will perform subsetting (plumes, cuts, slices, cross-sections, contouring, etc.) and analysis (volumetrics) inside of ArcGIS.  3D visualization of these models is performed in ArcSceneTM.

EnterVol GeoStats and EnterVol Geology will add true volumetric model creation with chemistry and geology data in ArcGIS in the next few months and will complete our initial product suite offering.

ESRI has long ignored volumetric objects in their software.  From our first 2D shapefile output from EVS in the early 90’s to high level meetings with ESRI management in 1997, the customer demand for volumetric modeling in GIS has been clear.  Just as the 1994 release of Windows NT made a Windows version of EVS possible, the release of ArcGIS 10 has finally provided the flexibility to allow us to incorporate fundamental volumetric technology into ESRI’s software.

EnterVol ( was designed to be very easy to use rather than a replacement for the powerful toolkit environments in EVS-PRO and MVS.  Organizations with EVS or MVS will be able to leverage their work in new ways.  Unburden your busy EVS/MVS staff and hand off visualization and project level graphics creation to your GIS departments.  Consultants will be able to deliver volumetric modeling results to their clients who can integrate interactive 3D models into their GIS projects.

Organizations who have not previously adopted EVS or MVS can utilize volumetric models created by subcontractors or C Tech while they wait for the release of the full EnterVol suite.

Our “Introductory Pricing” for EnterVol products is shown in the table below:

Product Release Date Introductory Price
EnterVol for ArcGIS February 25th, 2011 $2500
EnterVol GeoStats Q1-2011 $1750
EnterVol Geology Q2-2011 $2750

During the introductory pricing period, no other discounts will apply. The pricing above is for single-use licenses.